My bet everybody somehow will like the moon...Are you?. It is not the matter of when actually. It is the feeling at the moment. For me as a student can't keep me from running from questioning the surrounding, it come in one package. And my mentor exactly want me to practice that "Question The Obvious". See if u thinking like him i'm sure you'll find this world is funny arrangement and somehow you'll ask yourself where are you in this moment.  Which sequence are you in.
Ok, lets talk about moon. Last night i went to fun game that has been popular in the last century, FUTSAL. That in my country said. It is not about that game but it is after the game. As sportsman leaves the field they all out to the favorite MAMAK stall just to hang out. My eyes has been spotted unusual scene that is the shapes of the moon. just make up my mind and asking the people around my tables that maybe they got some explanation on my curiosity. But they are just like me wondering. My phone just 2.0 megapixel couldn't snap a picture that too far to show to you guys but, moon i saw yesterday, we saw is just like 1/4 moth moon but us side down. Amazing huh just like semi circle been cutting on the top. Just saw the down part. 

It is seems funny though. In my knowledge, or ours that's suppose to be the side cut not upper cut. My friend akim pop-up with theory that movement of earth  axis... wow man that just awesome. Or terrifying. What if that is true??. What if we couldn't see the sun coming from the east. How we could know???. Or just the sun is running away from its direction and we just see the reflection on the moon is part of the movement??? it is a sign man...the answer ... u decide with your own faith, and don't forget the knowledge.Are you ready when it's come??.... :-) 
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