assalamualaikum...i will write in english n my vocb doesnt fitt well. so first thing first, the reason that this sites been published is all bout the inspiration given by my roomate 5204 'akim'. that what i used to call him..... hahahah .the inspiration came along by discussion with him all day i remembered. its about what happened in this world. i personally have found secret in dealing with people that used to hanging  around. there a lot in our talking.we talk about theory, mind works, history, soul, dreams, etc. i wish i got strength to tell all of this to you guys. he inspired me totally. he said that someone would find my stories interesting. he said i got the idea, so just channel it some where.

okay first of all i want to shared to all about my real name. my religion is islam n i am not terrorist. my named inspired by will by someone years back there that have make name in history in our religion. they said the kids also have the right towards the parents. its states 3 as i remembered it. the first one is good names. the second is food, clothes and shelter, and the third one is education. so my name is mustafa( giving you the short one). the translation of my name is the chosen to trust. i discovered this when in secondary school where the part is going to begin. living by my name. i earn much trust. its sort some quality build in me.if yall know bout charisma it is. my bet.

i loved talking seriously man. topic to choose bachelor. not some of status but talking bout qualification. i,m math dude try to figure this world sequence within short of knowledge but some say i'm gonna go big on this but of course not in math field but something else. 

okay here some fact. i love to argue, but in a good manners. i've this method of arguing trough my professor that i admired most. he said if i'm good enough why shoud i been asking for someone else recognition. it came along with it. so u can say i am arrogant people.

so my papers should end in three years period but i managed to end it in 5 years of stupidity and lack of controlling in me. it is because i didn't catch it earlier. my thought that i would like to learn something in this world by journey behind my degree... and i gab it and a lot to talk about after this.... untill then keep readinnn....
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