here are the story bot people in my country. in all make sense when i watch the tv series and grab some of the idea that producer wanna pitch it out. for some people it is all crazy stuff and it just coincidence that occur in life. so let make me brought yall in my brain view. people used to think they could hide their feeling well trough some act that make them look good but there are some people have made contribution in study them all. try to watch "lie to me", "the mentalist". although it is the police work it teach u a lot. and i believe most of u just heard about it, or you've seen before my bet u will recognized all of this idea. come on people make yourself powerful in applying some of their skill.

we have reach our independence in 1957 for the main event but actually just part of calendar just marking with holiday. just bit of feelin in side it. 54 years now i didn't expect much i n developing human resources that can make perfect persona, there lack of somewhere but i believe the white n blue collar have shown their contribution to make ours live in this country as good as possible. okay first my role model had thrown the idea of being conscious of our action all the time. it is because in my opinion if thins do under or semi conscious the history it self would seems funny when we look back. and i believe nobody want to look funny of their action in past. even tough it is just a word i should thank him now i already have make that transition to think seriously in my next action. 

the third class mentality still like sand in shore, it is uncounted. no offense but where should i bring this. this statement is to bring you out questions not judgment. a question that should start is am i in that group. next is how can i change that. nothing that i wrote here to condemn person but to ask everybody to change. there is some people said and arguing what for?. the answer buddy is to make the world is the most peaceful place to live and not live under stupid act.
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